Taurus - G3C - 3.2 inch Barrel - Small of the Back Carry - Single Clip

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Looking for both comfort AND retention in your TAURUS G3c holster?

That's why we only make hybrid holsters. You get the positive retention of Kydex and the body-forming goodness of Amish leather.

Here's some important info:

  • TAURUS G3c
  • SOB means Small Of Back (not the other sob)
  • Single Clip

    And some reasons why we (and tons of happy customers) think our holsters are awesome:

    1. Goldilocks Kydex thickness of .093" means it's enough for a lifetime of secure retention without added bulk. Plus our special forming process makes a super tight fit.
    2. 9-10 oz Amish leather backing with suede. They know their leather...and this is some seriously good stuff a few minutes from our shop. The leather forms to your body and the suede keeps your holster comfy, dry, and in place.
    3. Tons of adjustability for retention, height, and cant.
    4. A Small of the Back Holster that is comfortable and conceals Great!
    5. Proper full grip when drawing with our specially cut leather backers. Oh yeah...we really love our leather.
    6. Covered magazine release. No *boom* *click* with us.
    7. Mounted clips allow you to tuck in your shirt while wearing your holster. You fancy.

    Special Instructions:

    Please let us know in the special instructions section of the order form if you have anything different about your handgun that might be a issue with a holster. Examples might be sights, ambidextrous safety, mag release, or anything else you have as an add-on.

    *PS. No Amish were harmed in the making of this holster.