About Us - Hidden Hybrid Holsters

Our Goal

Hi, I'm Dave Kerry, founder of Hidden Hybrid Holsters, and I want you to have the comfiest and most concealable holster out there.

Why Hybrid?

I started HHH in 2011 since I wasn't satisfied with the quality and variety of holsters on the market.

Pure leather holsters eventually lost their shape and retention while pure Kydex holsters felt like a giant Lego pinching your side by the end of the day.

And so from my garage in Ohio I started tinkering with both leather AND Kydex.


After many iterations, I finally came up with something that worked for both my family and myself.

And now a few years later, we've moved into a slightly larger building and have grown our holster family to over 20,000 strong.

Amish Leather

The Amish know their leather. They've been doing it for generations.

And so I approached our local leatherworkers down the road for some of their best 9-10 oz leather as the backer for our holsters.

Don't worry, no Amish were harmed in the making of the Amish leather (yes, someone makes this joke every day).

Fitted Kydex Shells

Our proprietary method of forming the Kydex tightly to the gun makes sure you get great retention, correct trigger coverage, and a proper sight channel. With no unnecessary size.

Then we go through several steps by hand--shaping, grinding, and polishing all the edges so nothing will snag on you or your gun.

Comfort & Concealment

Regular leather is already more comfortable than pure Kydex, but we went a step above with a silky suede backer that stays put and wicks away moisture.

Our Kydex shell is already tightly fitted with no excess bulges, but we've also added the option of a "claw" to further push the holster more inwards for concealment.


We at Hidden Hybrid Holsters stand by our product.

We have a 30-Day "One Question Return Policy"...you only have to answer how we could have done better.

Plus a Lifetime Warranty on the Kydex and Leather.

Sorry, the clips are considered consumables but we have them for super cheap when they wear out.

Got More Questions?

Check out our FAQ or give us a ring at our Contact Us page.