Sig Sauer - P320 X-5 Full Size - OWB Holster

Looking for both comfort AND retention in your Sig Sauer P320 X-5 Full Size holster?

That's why we only make hybrid holsters. You get the positive retention of Kydex and the body-forming goodness of Amish leather.

We use 9-10 oz leather for comfort and years of durability.

We shape the shell out of .093 Kydex to protect and secure your firearm perfectly.

The Kydex shell is flared at the top for smooth easy holstering every time.

The shell has two adjustable retention screws so that you can have the retention that you prefer most.

The holster will form and fit snugly to your body for easy concealment while still providing an easily accessible firearm.

Item #: hhowb